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Reference: Balpennen

Ballpoint pens

Always prepared with our most luxurious pens! Print your logo on these durable blue ink pens which sits very comfortably in your hand. For a special finish, you can engrave the logo on these high-quality pens that are available in different colors. The polished silver accents and a stylish metal clip create a real luxurious impression! Keep them for...

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Reference: Spandoek Mesh


Your product bigger or different from others? No problem, we have already prepared a number of options for you. Our banners come in the size and surfaces of your choice. Due to the high quality and UV resistance, we ensure a very beautiful and amazing result on Frontlit, Mesh or Blockout. Our banners come in the size and finishing of your choice and...

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Reference: Beachvlaggen


Soon an outdoor event on the street or on the beach and would you like advertising that is extremely resistant to all weather conditions? Or do you have a fair and want to stand out between all stands, then look no further, feather flags are exactly what you are looking for. These feather flags remain in perfect condition in wind and weather. Super fast...

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Reference: Brochures Geniet


Have a lot to say? We have the perfect solution for printing your annual reports, magazines, menu and other marketing material. The saddle stitched books are the perfect product when you want to share your entire story. We have a great range of high-quality papers for you to choose from, including a broad selection of luxury papers. Choose heavier paper...

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Reference: Naamkaartjes

Business Cards

When networking, why not stand out from the crowd with a professional business card which represents your brand and ambition. Whether you need a same day business cards for that last-minute meeting or you're happy to wait for a few day, we’ve got your back with a range of options to suit your needs! Make your choice between matt, writable or extra gloss...

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Reference: Bierkaartjes


Did you know that printed coasters work perfectly for the promotion of your company or event? Who doesn't play with a coaster at the bar? At that moment you have someone's full attention! With us you can order your full-color printed coasters with single-sided or double-sided printing at a very affordable price. You can choose between round, square or...

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Reference: Spinhaken

Elastic hooks

Need accessories for your banners? Easily mount your banner with these elastic hooks. They are 25cm long and have a convenient hook to put through the eyelets. The elastic hooks are supplied in a set of 25 pieces. You can easily attach them through the eyes of your banner and around the frame. If you work with a large size banner, ask for the storm...

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Reference: Enveloppen


Our full color envelopes can be printed completely all-around with your desired design. The envelopes are available in different sizes to choose from. With a clean and professional look, no need to think twice about sending off those vital documents! The envelopes are provided with a self-adhesive striplock for easy closing. Our envelopes are printed on...

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Reference: Vlaggen


Do you want to stand out at an outdoor event, on the street or in front of your company? These high quality flags will create a professional look that's perfect for anyone! A quick and inexpensive way to get attention because flags are visible from a far away distance, especially with a cool design and eye-catching colors. Don't miss out, we have made...

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Reference: Flyers


Flyeren voor jouw evenement, beurs of bedrijf? Flyers zijn al een eeuw lang niet meer weg te denken uit ons straatbeeld. Kies zelf een gewenst formaat en papiersoort zodat je flyers goed opvallen! Ben je een beetje laat? Ook dat is geen probleem! Met onze razendsnelle levering heb je onze flyers al in overnight in huis. Met ons hoog drukraster leveren...

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Reference: Forex


A Forex® sheet is a hard, sturdy yet lightweight material for a thousand and one indoors or temporarily use. It is made of a foamed PVC with a light structure. Thanks to the hard and radiant white top layer, Forex® is extremely suitable for printing or having it provided with a laminate layer. You have the choice to get your print printed directly on...

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Reference: Kanaalplaten


De kanaalplaat is voorzien van een scheurbestendig honingraatstructuur, zijn gemaakt van een licht materiaal en daardoor gemakkelijk vouwbaar zonder te scheuren. Ze worden vaak als makelaarsborden, displays of reclameborden gebruikt. Een tip! Bestel de Kanaalplaat met boorgaten, op die manier zijn ze nog sneller op te hangen. Voor al je kanaalplaten ben...

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Reference: Folders Enkelvouw

Leaflets bifolded

When there's a story to be told, add an extra fold! Great for when you have additional information and a flyer just won't cut it. A beautiful design with an extra fold radiates professionalism! Use it for a presentation, an event or as a menu in your restaurant. They're offered in full color and even with a luxurious finishing of your choice. We have...

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Reference: Folders Wikkelvouw

Leaflets trifold roll

When there's a story to be told, add an extra fold! Great for when you have additional information and a flyer just won't cut it. A beautiful design with an extra fold radiates professionalism! Use it for a presentation, an event or as a menu in your restaurant. They're offered in full color and even with a luxurious finishing of your choice. We have...

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Reference: Briefpapier


Despite the increasing number of incoming and outgoing e-mails, letters are an indispensable part of private and everyday office life. Therefore, leave a lasting impression with your customers from the start. A good stationery is the (letter)head of your company and an indispensable part when it comes to corporate identity products. The A4 Letterheads...

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Reference: Notitieblokken


Have you always wanted a unique notepads for your business? Print your own notepads with us and impress your customers. Notepads are all-rounders in everyday life for writing, drawing, painting or remembering good ideas, they're used in a wide variety of situations! With us you can choose from different sizes, paper types and binding systems, and have...

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Reference: Stoepborden

Pavement signs

Get the attention of passers-by already in the street with double-sided pavement signs. The A1 advertising space is ideally suited for special offers and references to the range, to events or promotions. This will arouse the curiosity of potential customers when they pass by and guide them to your store. If your store is located in a courtyard, a...

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Reference: placemats


Placemats are the perfect tool to showcase your brand or menu and optimize the customer experience. The Placemats are printed on A3 size. You can choose from a wide range of materials and quantities. Paper placemats are ideal in the hospitality industry and ensure that the tables look neat and remain clean. Covering and clearing a table becomes very...

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Reference: PVC bankkaarten

Plastic bank cards

Credit card-sized cards are ideal as loyalty cards, business cards and employee IDs. Choose from standard plastic cards, cards with a signature field or with a magnetic stripe for data storage, or combine both. Due to the trusted driver's license size with rounded corners, our cards fit in every wallet. The material "760 µ PVC" is very sturdy and...

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Reference: Affiches Standaard


Posters zijn al een eeuw lang niet meer weg te denken uit ons straatbeeld. Eerst alleen voorzien van tekst, pas later kwamen hier afbeeldingen bij. Tot op de dag van vandaag zijn posters één van de bekendste, eenvoudigst toepasbare én goedkoopste reclamemiddelen. Bestel nu posters in verschillende formaten. Ons assortiment Posters biedt veel...

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Reference: Affiches Blueback

Posters blueback

Advertising outdoor? These blue-back posters are the perfect solution for you! We print our outdoor posters on 115gsm blue-black paper whixh is the industry standard for water-resistant outdoor signage. They are strong, resist cracking and flaking, have minimal tearing and adhere well to base materials. We print your posters in any desired size. That is...

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Reference: Affiches Neon

Posters neon

Make a great impression with these Neon posters! Your design is printed only in black ink on 80 grams posters with a neon colour. Choose from 5 bright neon colors which even makes your posters stand out at night. Perfect for that concert hall or those festivals. Order your unique neon posters now in different sizes and colors. Neon posters are becoming...

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Reference: Postkaarten


Maak indruk met onze bedrukte postkaarten. Persoonlijke berichten als brief of postkaart zijn in het digitale tijdperk een zeldzaamheid geworden. Meestal worden informatie of reclameboodschappen elektronisch per e-mail verzonden, of berichten als smsje of via Messenger verstuurd. Zorg dat u opvalt in de berichtenstroom en plaats met tastbare media als...

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Reference: Presentatiemappen


Van offertemappen tot presentatiemappen, bij ons vindt u beslist de juiste map voor uw behoefte. Onze mappen worden gedrukt op 300gr of 400gr duurzaam karton en zijn van hoge kwaliteit, zodat jij een uitstekende eerste indruk maakt. Onze mappen hebben een insnijding voor je naamkaartjes en twee flappen, zodat alles netjes opgeborgen blijft. Wil je nog...

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Reference: Rollup


Our Roll up banners ensure you’ll make a great impact whether you’re at an exhibition, trade show or in your own store. From desktop to ultra wide roller banners, our range of sizes means you are sure to find the perfect one to help you promote your message. The roll-up banners come with a handy carrying bag and system. Are you a little late? No...

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Reference: Stickers Monomeer

Stickers custom size

Stick your brand around town with our custom printed vinyl stickers. We have the finest selection of vinyl stickers, available in any size of your choice. Plus, our vinyl stickers are printed on environmentally friendly adhesive material and leaves no residue after removing. Our vinyl stickers are the cheapest in Europe, but made from the best material...

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Reference: Stickers Offset

Stickers offset

You can now order labels or stickers very cheaply at THE sticker printer in Belgium! Of course you can choose from many sizes. The standard stickers can be sticked both inside and outside and are available in various materials. And of course our standard stickers are the cheapest stickers in Belgium and the Netherlands! The stickers have an easy break...

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Reference: Stickers op rol

Stickers op rol

Order your stickers in any desired size and shape! The custom-sized labels and stickers on a roll are available in all classic materials, from white and transparent PVC to paper, which you can easily write on without smudging or smearing. The stickers on a roll are also available in special pre-cut shapes, good for every flower shop. There are also food...

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Reference: Polsbandjes


Voor stevige, goedkope en makkelijke polsbandjes is Tyvek een goede keuze. Tyvek is een dicht geweven type kunststof en zijn daardoor scheurbestendig. Daarnaast hebben ze een plakrand die er voor zorgt dat hij stevig vast zit. Deze Tyvek polsbandjes zijn éénmalig te gebruiken en zijn heel snel leverbaar. De polsbandjes worden niet alleen full color...

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